How Fighting Human Trafficking In Northeast Ohio Can Make an Impact Across the Country
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June 21, 2018 -- By Sarah Tuckowski

if you've driven down any of the major highways throughout northeast ohio, chances are, you have seen the billboards that read: human trafficking happens here too. 

it does happen in ohio. it happens in urban, rural, and suburban areas. it happens in Westlake, Independence, Solon, North Olmsted, and many other communities across northeast ohio and the state.

it happens in every state in the U.S. it happens across state borders, causing our most vulnerable people to be transferred from one state to the next, just to be sold for sex. throughout the past year, the following cases highlight people being taken across state borders or even across cities within ohio:  

  • Akron to Pennsylvania - In March 2018, a couple is indicted for trafficking a juvenile from Akron. 
  • Columbus to Michigan - In June 2018, a couple is arrested for trafficking a 20-year-old Ohio woman from Columbus. 
  • Columbus to Georgia - In March 2018, a man is suspected of trafficking 3 women. One of the women is said to be from Georgia. 
  • Parma to Canton - In July 2017, a Parma man was found guilty for sex trafficking of a juvenile. The juvenile is reported to be from Canton, OH. 
  • Toledo to Michigan - In 2017, 3 pastors were indicted on trafficking at least 3 underage woman. 
  • Warren to Pennsylvania - In April 2018, 8 men are arrested and suspected of operating a human trafficking ring.  

It doesn't have to happen here, though. This is why the collaborative efforts to combat human trafficking in northeast ohio are so important. if we continue to fight human trafficking here, PERHAPS we will prevent others from being trafficked to other cities and states. 

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