Coach Hue Jackson Set to Make a "Splash" Against Human Trafficking

Video from Cleveland Browns

May 25, 2018 -- By Sarah Tuckowski

In a recent interview with Coach Hue Jackson, Cleveland Browns Head Coach and Co-Founder of The Hue Jackson Foundation, the upcoming jump into the lake event was discussed. For Coach Hue Jackson, this event isn't just a chance to cleanse the Browns from a past losing season. Instead, this jump in the lake is also a chance to further The Hue Jackson Foundation's efforts to combat human trafficking in Northeast Ohio. 

Q: Last season, you made a promise that you would jump into the lake. Fast forward, and you're set to jump into the lake on June 1st with other Browns staff to raise money for your foundation. What does this event mean for you?

Jackson: It means a cleansing of the organization after a historically bad season. It starts a new beginning of the Cleveland Browns organization. 

Q: What does it mean to see people inside, as well as outside, the Cleveland Browns organization supporting your cause?

Jackson: First of all, my wife and I have made a tremendous decision to be involved in something that can affect everyone. Efforts to combat human trafficking can make a huge impact...not just in Northeast Ohio, but everywhere. Secondly, I really appreciate our staff and fans who have come out to support this cause. It is important to give back. I have a platform to talk and make a difference in the community, and I am using that platform to the best of my ability to give back and people support that. But, perhaps most importantly, the support the foundation has gained means more and more people want to be there and be involved in the work we are doing in Northeast Ohio. Human trafficking can impact individuals and their families alike. It can really tear apart many people's lives. We want to continue to help others in the community start to understand the signs of human trafficking and the destruction it causes.