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The Hue Jackson Foundation is committed to empowering children, teens, and adults through awareness, education and prevention of Human Trafficking while assisting survivors and their families in their journey through recovery and survivorship. 


Hue Jackson, and his wife, Michelle, created the Hue Jackson Foundation in 2017 and are impassioned and dedicated to: engaging every major sports industry in developing awareness campaigns and anti-human trafficking policies and procedures; the development of educational programs; software and multi-platform technology development; and supporting non-profit organizations that embolden and offer hope to all victims of Human Trafficking.

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Hue Jackson

FORMER Head Coach, Cleveland Browns

Hue Jackson has 30 years of coaching experience, including the last 17 in the NFL. 

He has spent over 10 seasons coaching in the AFC North, during which time he helped his team advance to the postseason seven times. Jackson was head coach of the Oakland Raiders in 2011 and guided the team to an 8-8 record. He has also served as offensive coordinator in Washington (2003), Atlanta (2007), Oakland (2010) and Cincinnati (2014-15). 

Passionate about making a difference in the lives of those affected by Human Trafficking and the desire to prevent families from suffering from the devastation caused by this atrocity, they embarked on the journey to fight all forms of Human Trafficking. This journey has taken them beyond the city of Cleveland and well beyond the state of Ohio. Through the Hue Jackson Foundation, they are committed to walk this journey until Human Trafficking is abolished.